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Market access and health economics services

Vivactis HM3A provides market access consultancy for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and digital health, vaccines and diagnostics.

We simplify and accelerate your market access by advising you about legal and regulatory requirements and regional specifics.
We create strategic plans that can:
– help you identify areas of evidence generation you will need
– support you to better position your product for acquisition or licensing

We study the payer coverage, segmentation and engagement. We help identify who the payers are, what their point of view is, and how to communicate the value of your product or service to them.

We ensure optimal relationship with experts to understand the market, add knowledge and scientific data, cost data and validation.

We advise on the pricing and reimbursement strategy for your product or service. Our team develops, submits and follows up pricing and reimbursement files. We prepare, submit and follow up MEAs including data collection, processing and reporting.

We provide strategic advice and help to choose and implement the right methodology. We develop models or validate and adapt existing models for specific countries. We collect data in by analysing databases, reviewing literature, analysing expert opinions, …

We write GVDs with a focus on both therapeutic and economic value. We work with you on HTA submissions. 


How do we work?

After evaluation of the complete data set and gauging the therapeutic and economic value of the proposed technology, we formulate a proposal for market access strategy, including a tactical and an action plan.

Implementation of the action plan i.e. filing strategy, follow-up and guiding through the whole process.

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