Market Access Consultancy for a biopharmaceutical company

An American biopharmaceutical company asked Vivactis HM3A for services related to market access consulting for its portfolio to contribute to its goals of serving the community as well as contribute to grow its business in the Benelux.

Vivactis HM3A’s objective for this market access consultancy was centered on three key projects:
1. Support the market access activities with
• an audit
• a gap analysis with a “CAPA”-equivalent
• prepare possible economic inspections
2. Compile and submit pricing and reimbursement files for selected products
3. Strategic consultancy about the best approach for Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg

Our approach

The methodology was based on:
• Deskwork
• Fieldwork with visits to key stakeholders
• Own resources, network and experience

The biopharmaceutical company benefits from having a direct contact with our core of associates and from a productive collaboration with a select network of leading experts.

A situational analysis and strategy review report was delivered:

It describes the analyses of the available data and its environment in the Benelux in the context of the preparation of market access activities.  In addition, it contains a strategic recommendation of action. The report starts with a brief overview of the healthcare systems. Next, it outlines the research findings and sets out the pricing and reimbursement process, and provides a detailed situation analysis. Finally, it concludes with specific recommendations for pricing and reimbursement submissions.